Looks like VoucherDigg have dug themselves into a bit of a hole...

8 May 2012

Here comes VoucherDigg - yet another one of the myriad of online deal brokers that are supposed to save us all £££s but which are increasingly making us weary and suspicious.

So, what are VoucherDigg doing to stand out from the crowd – plugging cheap holidays with a picture of Madeline McCann? Well, it’s, erm, different…..




  • David
    ... pretty much crashing their website...
  • David
    Interestingly enough, it's registered to an address in Student Halls: CB32F University Village Norwich England NR4 7TJ United Kingdom The content seems to be stolen from all over (the about us suddenly changes to refer to yootravel), and text is the same as, for example, everydaysale . co . uk
  • Mary H.
    That's disgusting! Only £20 off?!
  • Phil
    Good way of generating free advertising if you ask me. Wait for a whole load of news paper headlines - Put out an apology and bang - everyone knows your site. Shame its for a voucher site...
  • Jeebus
    I'd imagine there's still a enough Gary Glitter's about to justify the measly voucher...
  • bob
    Haaaaaa. That's hilarious.
  • Paul
    Also securing a shedload of backlinks, albeit at various qualities, but still...
  • Mark B.
    Fine line between satire and bad taste.
  • Madeline M.
    Well my parents did leave me alone, to go get a piss up. I'm surprised there's so much press coverage of me anyway. Children go missing everyday. Bollocks to this site, they owe me royalties. Cunts.
  • leeanne
    Some of the remarks in here are as appalling as the ad, using a picture of a missing CHILD is deplorable. Anyone who revels in someone else misery is as cruel as the instigator
  • Josef F.
    Lol LOVE IT! The parents should piss off, it's their fault after all...
  • Mike H.
    When you digg a hole for your own daughter, what the fuck do you expect?
  • disgusted
    Some sick people on here.
  • Also d.
    They're not sick here, but they're evil and wicked beyond words.
  • Josef F.
    Hey, I'm only joking!
  • Mike H.
    Hey Josef. How the kids?
  • Josef F.
    They're doing well thank you...
  • br04dyz
    @Josef I heard you had to ground them.
  • Mustapha S.
    Sounds alright to me. Apparently flights are cheap too, as you only pay for 2 returns and one single
  • Mr 0.
    Imagine the natural search optimisation benefits from the incoming links - they could do very well out of this.
  • Chewbacca
    Christ, everyone knows the parents did it... Doctor father gave her some meds to keep her quiet, took it too far ang gave her too much. Paid a peasant to get rid, and a few bungs to the Portuguese police, jobs a good 'un.
  • Dean
    A lot of drunk kids on this website making comments-cant be adults- can it ? the cowards wouldn't dare say these comments face to face. They are turds hiding behind a PC screen.
  • pandoracle
    Some of your comments are sick...whether the parents were involved or not, I can't see how that site thought it was acceptable. Although if you guys think its ok, then may be train companies should use jamie bulger's image for advertising? After all, he was found murdered on a traintrack...or is that too far?
  • Jon
    With comments like these, bitter wallet will be hearing from solicitors.
  • Jon
    Looks like andy Dawson thinks its ok to leave comments accusing her parents of killing her on his blog. It's not ok. BBC did an article about voucher digg tonight, it could be about Andy tomorrow.
  • Loopy
    Hey I did say I was only kidding. I'm not liable to be charged for trolling as I didn't mean for anyone to be hurt. :) (josef here)
  • Paul C.
    Big welcome to all the new Bitterwallet commentators! Read the Daily Mail? Easily offended? Keep reading. For their next advertising coup, I'm might to suggest they get Maxine Carr to endorse a range of bathroom furnishings.
  • klingelton
    barrymore rang, he asked if he could endorse the BW pool range.
  • Mike H.
    The parents are the initial suspects, everytime. They knew the Spanish Police wouldn't give a shit about an English child. There are no comments here reveling in the fact a child is missing. Infact, the parents left a child alone to go out for a nice meal. THAT, is sick you idiots! You have kids, you sacrifice your life, you do not leave them alone, in a strange place to go off to enjoy yourself. Do not get dragged into the parents hype. Now get fucked, pretending you actually give a shit.
  • ste
    some of the things being said on here are sick !! and he people who did them are just as sick as the company that put the pic of her up ! she is still missing you horrible f**ks.
  • ste
    some of the kids putting the comments may by some miracle one day have kids themselves' I hope to god they never have to go through the pain that mums and dads go through with the loss of a child, no matter how they was taken from them! a loss is still a loss' i have kids now and i would be ashamed if i spoke or thought things like some of you people on this site in my lifetime !!
  • qwertyuiop
    To be fair Ste, would you leave your infant children alone in a room that I can only surmise was unlocked for one infant child to somehow unlock it, in a strange place while you go and enjoy yourself? If the poor girl is ever found, I hope to God the parents are held accountable for neglect. Suffering the emotional trauma of the loss isn't enough. At least one parent is a doctor, surely that would mean the two of them share at least one brain cell to realise what they were doing was a fucking daft idea.
  • Sicknote
    Voucherdigg or whoever they are aside; I don't leave my young children alone in a hotel room while I sit in the restaurant quaffing wine and generally not giving a shit about my parental responsibilities.
  • Jon
    "The parents are the initial suspects, everytime." You don't know what country it happened in, let alone anything else about it. (Portugal, not Spain) Would you say that in front of her relatives ?
  • LanceVance
    Jebus H Corbett!! Lets all chillax and have a toke. We all know who did it. Even the picture of the mystery man that was seen lurking around the hotel complex looked like Kate. Remember to flex with the herb.
  • plokij
    Hmm some of you are really gross and some of you (qwertyuiop and Sicknote) make a good point. As a parent I empathise with their loss and sadness but equally as a parent, I despair at their selfishness that lead to this terrible ordeal :( If Maddy is alive, its her life that has been destroyed.
  • An O.
    where have all the old posters gone? why are we having to put up with this shite posing as comments?
  • Rip
    Apology On the website (registered to a Student ? could be a students English, or just Chinese English ...... ) : We were sorry! Our editing team made the mistake, that Madeleine McCann’s image was linked to the discount holidays to Portugal. We are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred. We unreservedly apologise for the hurt suffered by Mr. and Mrs. McCann. We regret our not acting faster to sort things out because of our editing team and management overseas not being concerned about the British social news and not realizing the wrongdoing. We realise that this explanation and simply apologising are not enough, because the hurt and damage are irretrievable. In the coming days, we shut down voucherdigg.co.uk to show our sincere apology. We deeply apologies to Mr. and Mrs. McCann. We deeply apologies to the society. We also apologies to the lowcostholidays for the negative brand affect, who has nothing to do with this issue. Vourcherdigg.co.uk team
  • Capability B.
    All kid should be abandoned as the parents see fit. Little shits.
  • Pappanewguineapiglet
    They should have used good marketing techniques. Madeline McCann and special offers in certain supermarkets. Once it's gone, it's Gone !!!
  • Fergie
    Sad to read so many inane comments from (presumably) immature kids. The McCanns have gone through hell and back, yet people have no reservation about using their nightmare to haunt them even more! Although I doubt very much if your insensitivity really affects them after what they've experienced. But one day, you will have children - and you will understand! But today, do the world a huge favour and keep your smartarse comments to yourself. Thank you.
  • Mrinalini S.
    Merci Much obliged for moving me to go look up my own legwork. Yours was way more thought out than mine.

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