Lidl are now trolling Morrisons

Lidl are at it again! After trolling Sainsbury's over their 50p debacle, they're now taking the Michael out of Morrisons.

As you know, Morrisons have announced that they are going to price match Lidl with a new scheme, after Lidl and Aldi ate away at the competitions profits by basically selling everything more cheaply.

Lidl aren't taking that lying down and have trolled Morrisons in an advert in today's papers.



As Lidl point out, you can go through all the faff of price matching with Morrisons and follow the exhaustive instructions as detailed in the sarcastic ad above, or, you could just shop at Lidl.

Looks like this is just the beginning of the supermarket wars getting ugly with each other in the press. Grab the popcorn. This could get very entertaining.


  • jaffacake
    Brilliant! Round one to lidl :-)
  • BS
    Brilliant and really quite true.
  • jo
    This is brilliant because its true!
  • Darren J.
    Lidl only sell 10% of the lines that morrisons do. this advert failed at the first hurdle. theres a number of other inaccuracies there too. the match and more card CAN be used at M local, for the bonus points.
  • Greg
    Awesome poster, if I stick around to read the whole thing, then the p*ss has been taken well. Good job.
  • kevin b.
    Brilliant...I might even start shopping at Lidl least you have a sense of humour.....If Morrisons saved all the money they wasted on stupid promos and invested it in reducing prices....they'd probably create more reasons to ....etc
  • Sawyer
    @ Darren: The advert is about price-matching, which can't be done at M Local. Hence fair game for Lidl to take a shot at.
  • grumbling
    I use to do the compare and lidl managed to turn me from eagerly opening their emails to someone who unsubscribed. I am not a Lidler! ugh
  • Fucker
    To be fair Morrisons do at least have more than 1 checkout on at a time, and its pretty easy to exit the store, rather than trying to squeeze past some fat council estate scum at the only checkout open.
  • No c.
    Don't know where Fucker lives... my local Lidl is top notch !
  • Herrdoktorfox
    "You're stuffed cobber!" Having just announced a sales fall ahead of Christmas the UK's fouth largest overpriced Supermarket, Morrisons, have wheeled out the big guns in order to meet the 2014 Christmas challenge ahead. In keeping with British Business in general and it's total lack of business acumen, Morrisons have promised customers they could buy their Christmas dinner for a staggering £1.99 per head as part of it's "Dreaming Of A Tight Christmas" campaign. The latter being the very last words any self-respecting, hard pressed housewife wants to hear when struggling to feed her family on a limited income! A spokesman for Morrison, Silas Scratchite, announced other barnstorming ideas that will shortly be launched in order to truly embrace the spirit of UK Christmas 2014. These include, the hiring of young children from local foster homes and dressing them up in 'Oliver' style clothing, complete with soot covered make-up and ragged clothes. Every Morrisons Store will cease displaying the traditional Christmas tree this year and in it's place erect large, mock fireplaces complete with fake glowing embers. Instead of a Jolly Santa-now considered 'unclean' in the light of one, James Savile Esq-the hiring of portly gentlemen to enact the role of workhouse Beadles will be the new and more progressive theme. Each hour of every trading day one of the youngsters will be systematically 'whipped' by the beadle and sent 'up' the chimney for daring to request an extra Morrison economy mince pie in lieu of dinner. It is hoped that this exciting and somewhat revolutionary Christmas theme will draw the customers in by their thousands, thus making lots and lots of lovely profit for Morrisons and slaughtering 'those krauts down the road'! SKY TV News cougar Kay Burley has exceedingly good Christmas puddings.

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