In the shops now! Baby product display fail

Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Emma for spotting this over on Failblog – baby goods that will guarantee to help them sleep… possibly forever!

Below that is a clip from The Antiques Roadshow which proves beyond doubt that you can’t give a baby booze…


  • Wonkey
    Love that reeves and mortimer sketch!!
  • Emma
    That booze is a UK supermarket... but I don't know which one ?
  • Living C.
    No... It's a U.S. grocery outlet. Note the bottled 6-packs we don't have much over here.
  • Lumoruk
    Yes us brits can drink cases of the stuff, the yanks are done after one bottle
  • -> H.
    Can't see anything wrong with that picture, sory. Beer is all the best for my babies, they sleep all the time, it's great. "Got any booze ft'baby?"

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