Halloween brings out the pervy pumpkin enthusiasts

Some people have pumpkin carving down to a fine art, making ones that look like they're puking or have the face of Predator. However, there's some of you who will want something a bit dirtier around Halloween.


In that event, you should buy a Pornkins set, available from the Pornkins website, which is a set of stencils, knives, an instruction sheet, a scoop and a (fnarr fnarr) poker tool. It's on sale for $20, and obviously, it's too close to Halloween to get one in time for this year, but definitely worth sullying the minds of the children who live on your street next year.



  • Nobby
    Thsi one can even be used ... http://www.pornkins.com/bigpumpkins/8.png
  • Mof G.
    My personal favourite... http://www.pornkins.com/bigpumpkins/9.png I like the pumpkin design too.

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