Greggs have a rather offensive logo, according to Google

If you tap 'Greggs' into Google and look at the logo that pops-up, you might notice that there's something a little unusual about it.

That's right - Google have once again found themselves hosting an image which is less than complimentary about a company thanks to people mucking around.

greggs logo hack

As you can see, the Greggs logo says: "Providing shit to scum for over 70 years", which isn't the pie-vendor's official strapline. If it is, that's an incredibly bold move from their marketing department.

A spokeswoman for the firm have confirmed they are taking immediate steps to have the image removed.

Of course, something similar happened with PC World not too long which we had absolutely nothing to do with, honestly, honestly, honestly.

pc world thing

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  • Mr F.
    No comments? Clearly the shit eating scum who post regularly here are dumbstruck.

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