Go on then. Buy a Wii Fit (Video)

"All you have to do is to step on that little white thing."

Getting out of the house to find a gym is difficult enough, so when Nintendo brought out The Wii Fit, we all felt like there's finally hope in life. Watch this excellent video from SarcasticGamer to learn of all the brilliant benefits that The Wii Fit has to offer:

And if you know where to pick up a Wii Fit for an absolutely bargain, tell us. For those that don't even have a Wii, consider getting a pre-owned Wii with Wii Sports and ANY pre-owned game from Blockbuster for just £129.99.

I'm off to cancel my David Lloyds membership, as my strategies to bulk up like The Hulk has been very disappointing. Instead, playing 'get the ball in the hole' sounds like it'll tone my buttocks better than moving vigorously to those Cindy Crawford's home fitness videos that I stole from my ex.

[SarcasticGamer via YouTube]


  • Paul N.
    I wish I had a narration voice like that! Great video.
  • Richard
    Got to admit that I bought into the hype sorounding wii fit. I managed two days and then got bored with it. As far as i'm concerned its one expensive set of scales. Thta video brought things home
  • HotUKDeals B.
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