Forthright Japanese constipation product tells it like it is

15 November 2013

Western products are so irritatingly vague when it comes to straplines. McDonald's say 'I'm lovin' it' and Gillette say 'a best a man can get', which tell you nothing.

However, a Japanese product helps to solve your constipated problems and offers you reassurance in the bluntest of manners.



If "A Solo a day, clear your constipation away" wasn't direct enough, the delightful CAPS LOCK claim of "GUARANTEE YOU SHIT EVERYDAY" certainly clears things up.

If only all products were so uncomplicated.

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  • tora t.
    That's Chinese, not Japanese.
  • Grammar N.
    It's "the best a man can get" not "a best a man can get".
  • Fat H.
    Mof struggles with Engrish never mind foreign shite!

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