Escalator horror escalates as brakes fail

What’s your recurring nightmare? Accidentally gluing your eyelids together? Being caught up in a real-life version of The Human Centipede? Having Heston Blumenthal come round and feed you deep-fried pellets of hamster shite?

For us, it’s being on a speeded-up, out-of-control escalator, as happens here in a Washington DC metro station. Six people were injured when the escalator’s brakes failed – but helpfully there’s also a version of the video that has been soundtracked with Yakety Sax.


The bendy escalator.

The miracle escalator rescue.


  • hippy
    its like watching lemmings without the death
  • Darren
    1 person panics, and things escalate from there!
  • Darren
    1 Person panics, and it escalates from there.
  • PokeHerPete
    Theres always one person that has to fall over to turn it into a scene, cunt!
  • Richard
    its funny how people just keep on comming, how long is this escalator? or are people just getting on knowing its broken for a laugh :-P
  • callum
    No idea about that particular station but the escalators in Washington DC can be enormous. It wouldn't surprise me if people stopped getting on as soon as it went quickly and that was just people already on it - sure there are ones bigger than that as well.
  • TimB
    I love how the bloke who looks like he might work there just stands watching, before shrugging his shoulders and walking away.
  • Allister
    More to the point. How the hell is Fox allowed to have adsense on this video?! The rules for adverts on youtube videos are the content has to belong to you. This belongs to whoever owned the CCTV camera. What a rip!

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