Do you have blind faith in your hairdresser?

haircutNever let it be said that the American Dream isn’t alive and well in South Wales. It seems anyone really can do anything, as small business owner Dianah Kendall from Pencoed near Bridgend has proven. She’s a blind hairdresser.

Dianah, 56, suffered a brain injury earlier this year, but her loyal customers have insisted they will still let her cut their hair even though she is registered partially blind and “couldn’t see her hand in front of her face” and can now only see “a small box”.

One customer, 34, told the Express “I have never left with a cut I did not like. She knows what I like so well that she could do it with her eyes closed,” adding “I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

Dianah had three months off with her injury, before returning to her business, built up over 40 years. Dianah says her customers “ tease me about my eyesight – saying who would have a cut from a blind hairdresser?” but Dianah doesn’t mind, after all “losing some of my sight and surviving is better than the other option.”

Dianah is confident her business will continue to thrive “I was told my sight would come back slowly but it has been over a year now and it’s worse if anything. But now … it only affects my peripheral vision” adding... “if a head of hair is in front of me I can see well enough to give my usual great standard of cut.” We say fair play to her- if she can manage and no-one complains, who are we to snigger into our hankies?

But what’s next? Blind taxi drivers? Low-intelligence politicians? Oh, wait…


  • Dick
    At least you can pay with fake fivers and she won't notice.
  • Charley
    @Dick. It costs more than a fiver to fake a note. Even a tenner ain't worth it. Doesn't stop till monkeys scanning them though. As for trusting a hairdresser in general, no, not since asking 'hypothetically how short can I have it and have it look ok?' and not realise the guy (also the manager of the upmarket establishment) didn't understand the word 'hypothetically' and proceeded to give me the worst cut of my life. I could have done better with a blunt penknife.
  • Aston
    To be honest, no matter which picture on the wall I point to, they always give me a cut and blow job.

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