Completely innocent toy with no sexual puns at all

This is a toy torpedo. See the completely innocent pun with those two words? Toypedo? Geddit? Lovely stuff. The packaging also features a child holding said toy which isn't phallic in any way at all. Nope. Nothing wrong here.


WAIT A MINUTE?!?! Why am I suddenly surrounded by a SWAT team?



  • zacspeed
    You wanna be in my gang?
  • Amanda H.
    Has Micoo been modelling again?
  • Gunn
    red tip too
  • Al
    Nope, someone's going to have to explain this one to me as I don't get it ... are we giggling at the word 'pedo' or giggling at the fact that missiles slightly phallic? I hope I'm missing something, as neither of those things are remotely funny, even to my childish sense of humour.
  • darkspark88
    The kid of the packet doesn't look like his aiming to throw toypedo.
  • Aaron J.
    Fuck me, that's hilarious. There's even a 'splat' just across from the head of the 'missile'.

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