Chicken head found in wings meal

chicken head

You can find all manner of stuff in a fast food order - that's part of the thrill!

And as you can see by the huge picture of a fried chicken head, one lucky junk food guzzler got a meal with eyes they could gaze into.

This lovely image was shared via LiveLeak, and the person who uploaded it said that they found the "disgusting" bonce in their chicken wings meal at a Quick restaurant, over in France.

Battered beak! Lovely stuff.

We can safely say that this discovery is a bit more visceral than the recent news that says there's poo bacteria on KFC's ice.

Now, if seeing that picture wasn't enough for you, you can watch the video that was uploaded below.

It is worth pointing out that the company in question said that they are "extremely disappointed" by these findings, but hey! At least we know it isn't horse.

Meanwhile, we're disappointed in another video film in portrait rather than landscape.

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