CCTV shows man wrecking whole booze aisle in supermarket

8 October 2013

Get ready to cry as a whole aisle full of innocent and lovely booze, hits the dirt. One supermarket worker, gamely stacking the shelves, soon finds that his world is about to come tumbling around his ears.

A CCTV video captures the moment when one unlucky fella brings down hundreds of bottles of alcohol down, nearly injuring two customers in the process.

There could've been serious injury, but we suspect our plucky Bitterwallet readers would've had the foresight to dive in with a straw and not waste the accidental cocktail, before sleeping it off in the Thomas the Tank Engine ride in by the exit.


  • Shy D.
    Check it at 0:43 : It wasn't his fault as it started buckling further up the row near the lasses.
  • Justin A.
    CCTV that shakes while it's recording? Should be as still as a boulder.
  • Lewis
    This was obviously set up Has anyone seen a "store security camera" bounce around so much? and they just stood in the same place till he started to move #fake
  • MazGMJ
    How is that the worker's fault? He stepped away then it just collapsed. It didn't even start collapsing from where he was working anyway!
  • Shy D.
    The footage's been recorded from a screen so that's why it's wobbly (note the timecode information at the top).
  • jim ?.
    yeah cos cctv shakes and pans around like that...
  • Alan
    Cleaner to aisle 6, cleaner to aisle 6
  • Coran
    How exactly did this man "wreck" the aisle? With what?... his telekinetic powers??? The shameful attention grabbing lies in Bitterwallet titles happens far too often..

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