Buy radioactive roses for your loved one!

Buying flowers for people is a waste of time because, while they might look and smell nice for ten-minutes, soon enough, they start rotting and reminding you that one day, you'll die too. And you get even more flowers when you die. However, why not buy flowers that glow in the dark, so you can watch them slowly perishing while sat in a lightless room?

glow in the dark roses

That's right! Interflora are selling a "unique bouquet" made entirely of "stunning white Avalanche roses" which "give off an entrancing green glow" after nightfall.

They would be cool for Halloween or Goths who don't like opening the curtains or, indeed, the kind of throbbing, radioactive present for any people you know who have been involved in some kind of nuclear accident. They'll cost you £45 for the cheapest bunch and you can buy them online from Interflora.


  • chewbacca
    BW, you do realise that almost everything is "radioactive". Everytime you open a cereal packet, radiation. Turn on the tv. Radiation. Chew some plutonium. Radiation. Oh noes! Radiation is bad, mmkay?
  • ElBuc
    I heard they make these by injecting the seeds with mutant jellyfish sperm.
  • Richard M.
    Don't talk to me about Interflora - the pillocks only managed to deliver a bunch of flowers on my wife's 50th birthday to the wrong street! They just left the flowers in the porch of a house 3 streets away! Fortunately the recipient recognised my wife's name and kindly walked round with our flowers at 8 o'clock in the evening. Next time I will buy a bunch from Sainsburys - not just to make sure my wife receives them on time but also because my wife gave a me a bollocking for wasting money on Interflora. Can't disagree with her on that one!

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