Breathing robot pillow means you don't need other, pesky humans in your life

10 August 2011

Here at Bitterwallet, we’re always keen to stay ahead of the latest robot technology. We’re also pretty sure that, thanks to a whole range of unpleasant personality ‘quirks’, we’re all destined to die alone.

So naturally we were delighted to see this. It’s some kind of giant pillow that BREATHES, immediately eliminating the night-time lonelies. Designed by some German student a couple of years ago, it’s called the Funktionide and apparently it provides “an atmosphere of presence, thus counteracting the feeling of loneliness”.

If you think about it, it raises a whole host of questions about humans and their interpersonal relationship needs. Or, if you’re our Mof, it also raises the question, ‘Will it still work if you cut a slit in it?’

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  • Dick
    How do you feel when you know someone else has slept with it? Oh, and due to a whole range of unpleasant personality ‘quirks’, I'm destined to die with the other 47 people on this bus.

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