BlackBerry snarl-up enters third day

Bitterwallet - BlackBerry Bold 9700 It’s possibly the biggest disruption to everyday life since the ash cloud, and it’s now entering its third day. Yes, it’s the BlackBerry meltdown, and disruption to services are still ongoing, with much mewling and griping from BlackBerry users on Twitter and other social networks. Elsewhere, some affected users who can’t even get on to social networks are standing in the middle of streets everywhere, wailing at the sky.

On Tuesday night, RIM (the shadowy forces who run the BlackBerry ‘cult’) said that ‘core switch failure’ had screwed the whole thing up but that they were working hard to clear a ‘large backlog’ of data. Half a day later and it doesn’t seem as though things are getting all that much better, with lots of users still unable to do Important Business or to orchestrate riots with their BlackBerry handsets.

Reports that the shutdown is the work of Steve Jobs’ ghost could not be confirmed as Bitterwallet went to press.


  • PokeHerPete
    Lololololol! People with Blackberries are bigger cunts than people with iPhones, like myself.
  • Really?
    Its probably been buggered by the plods to stop an upcoming attack. Now back to Episode5 of Spooks for me..

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