BlackBerry goes on the wonk again for Vodafone customers...

21 September 2012

Blackberry Uh oh – on the day that the iPhone 5 hits the streets, poor old BlackBerry have suffered ANOTHER major system failure, with reports of Vodafone customers unable to access any online services, including web browsing, email and the BBM instant messaging service.

Vodafone have said that the outage is affecting certain users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and have pointed their blaming finger at RIM (makers of the BlackBerry), saying:

“Blackberry/RIM have confirmed that they are experiencing issues with services such as BBM, email and internet and that they are working to fix this. Vodafone has not been given an estimated fix time but we're asking RIM to keep us updated. Customers wanting more information should contact Blackberry directly.”

BlackBerry users might well be quaking as they remember last year’s lengthy blackout. Watch this space for further developments….


  • Raggedy
    Virgin is fine. No slowdowns, no dropouts. Why just Vodafone then?
  • Angry S.
    This is really going to annoy Blackberry users. Both of them.
  • Raggedy
    That means me then. One Blackberry for work (on Vodafone) - not working apart from calls and texts, one Blackberry on Virgin (great deal) working fine on everything. Hands up Vodafone, why isn't it affecting all Blackberry's?
  • Sicknote
    An upgrade went wrong and the roll-back didn't work properly - that's it really.
  • Jerec
    Our Traders were not amused when the services dropped at 6am.

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