Bic reply to complaint letter in very funny manner

People are forever winding up companies with joke letters of complaint, but things get really good when companies play along in turn.

And so, to Bic, who make the famous pens. One customer told them that one of their pens must have been faulty because it was erroneously drawing nothing but massive penises. And so, Bic responded to the letter and apologised in a funny fashion.

Have a read of this letter (click on it to make it larger, if needed)


[image via twitter/warrenchrismas]


  • Dacouch
    I'm surprised when testing the pen the engineers could not replicate the drawing of a massive cock
  • grand
    You guys know this letter is fake, right? This guy does loads of them. Apparently he gets angry messages from idiots when he reveals they're entirely made up.
  • R. S.
    Certainly fake. I doubt the General Manager of BIC APP Division World Wide would test pens or even sign like a knob. It was fun for a few seconds....
  • Twenty P.
    @Jack: That's for sure.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Some companies do respond in humorous ways. I do not know if it is still true, but at one time if you complained about a lack of holes in your round mints, the company would send you a special tube of holes to replace them.
  • samuri
    You are above this shayt Mof
  • klingelton
    Shut up! it's a bit of fun!
  • Jack
    I'm telling my mum on you lot.
  • Brian
    This type of marketing is getting old now
  • Brand E.
    [...] people will have seen the (wonderful) spoof letter, attributed to Bic head office, in response to a customer complaint that the pens they bought could [...]
  • The D.
    I feel the need you swear in my!!!! you can't do it..sorry, i wish i could be as humourous as you guys!!
  • Ian.
    It is a hoax.. It was really vaginas.

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