Behold, the toe-curling G4S theme song

G4S, when they're not ballsing everything up, have a wonderful, wonderful corporate theme song. Would you like to hear it?

Here it is.

If you'd like to singalong, here are the lyrics:

"You love your job and the people too; Making a difference is what you do; But consider all you have at stake; The time is now don't make a mistake"

"Because the enemy prowls, wanting to attack; But we're on the wall, we've got your back; So get out front and take the lead and be the winner you were born to be."

"G4S! protecting the world! G4S! so dreams can unfurl! 24/7 every night and day! A warrior stands ready so don't be afraid!
G4S! secure in your world! G4S! let your dreams unfurl! We're guarding you with all our might! Keeping watch throughout the night!"


  • Fat H.
    It's a joke, right? No? Fuck me!
  • Nikey H.
    Mof, run the new Virgin safety ad one, that was even more depressing
  • Lizardwizard
    Bitterwallet - giving you the news - 16th months after it's reported elsewhere.
  • Justin A.
    That song/video was created over a year ago for the 2012 Olympics. Anything more current to tell us about?

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