Bank raids grow increasingly daring...

14 May 2009

Imagine returning home to find you’ve lost your wallet – and you weren’t drunk. Pretty silly, huh? Yes. Except this is exactly what happened to Donna Mansfield as she strode soberly home from her local Lloyd’s TSB bank in Lancashire, only to realise she’d made the mistake of leaving her cash-filled purse right inside the bank.

Of course though, it was a bank and probably perfectly safe. Who in their right mind would steal something inside a bank? What, with all that CCTV? All those trained personnel and security buttons?

A random old woman using a mobility stroller, of course! And so adamant is she that nobody could ever stop her brazen illegality, she makes sure to look defiantly in the face of CCTV cameras before wheeling herself off into the broad light of day.

Police leapt on the case, with the astute observation, “her lack of mobility would suggest she is a local." But crime-victim Donna could only calm her nerves with the chance that the pensioner wouldn’t have already died of old age by the time she was caught, thus allowing her to "strangle whoever took the purse.”

[The Guardian]


  • Mike H.
    Whew, at least the police are on the case, I suspect they'll have this wrapped up promptly... not (Bunch of useless fuck wits, not you BW, the rozzas)
  • Amzmalhotra
    Lol, that video is jokes.
  • MinstrelMan
    Crimewatch re-inactment:
  • Mike
    Typical over thieving over 60s, get a job you louts
  • acecatcher3
    well fit.
  • no,I'mspartacus
    I bet she's somebodies MP.
  • The B.
    Dunno what her name is but I woke up with a hangover next to her last week, I do remember that she had false teeth and was very good with her gums though.
  • TJ
    Wonder why me Nan gave me a bit more money than usual, she must be feeling flush
  • GiLF
    I was also wondering why your nan gave me a bit more money than usual, I just thought I'd lasted a little longer this time.
  • Mike H.
    Your gran was stealling so she could afford to suck Mike Hock
  • Amanda H.
    haha ""

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