Apple Maps failing horribly all over the world

21 September 2012

Apple clearly think they’re a bunch of know-it-alls when it comes to the old mapping game. As part of their new, so-called ‘iOS 6’ software, they’ve ditched the tried and trusted Google Maps and pumped their own maps into it, in conjunction with TomTom.

In short, it’s a shambles. Compare and contrast this area of Dubai, shown in Google Maps at the top and with the Apple version underneath.

tumblr_manvbe0Gb61rhptwbo1_1280 Fortunately, there’s already a blog aimed at highlighting the many, MANY mapping cock-ups that are driving iOS 6 users round the bend at the moment (just not the bend they were expecting to be driven round because the map says it’s three east of where it actually is).

Oooh look – Tahiti’s gone all… pointy…


And is THIS what Planet Earth looks like now that Apple has mapped it?


Is there a deeper meaning to all of this? Are we all being slowly killed by iOS 6? To be fair, we were asking for it…

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  • Michael J.
    O Steve Jobs, Where Art Thou...
  • Spencer
    now all Google need to do is release Google maps for Ios and charge £5 a time for it... more milk floweth... seriously though, Google maps does still work on Ios through the web browser so it actual fact this has very little impact on anyone. yes it's a shower... but that completely misses the point. this only affects apple devices and users and, as has been very clearly proven time after time... apple users aren't bothered if it's a shower, so long as it's an apple shower.
  • great s.
    or a golden shower
  • Ali
    Another terrible story jumping on the apple bashing bandwagon.. Everyone seems to think that google maps is perfect.. I always find incorrect data in google maps (just this morning I found this, the only difference is that google has a community that helps fix that data rather than bitching and moaning about it... Well that and the lack of sensationalist headlines every time someone can't find their house...
  • Sicknote
    Great, another non-story about some shit from Apple that doesn't quite work properly; but fuck ye, it looks good.
  • Kevin
    If Google don't release the app (or rather Apple don't approve it) within the next couple of days then they have missed out on the perfect opportunity. After all they've known they were losing being the Mapping provider for ages, so they must have made one by now. And thanks Spencer for the obvious but noones mentioning it point about Google Maps still being available in the web browser!
  • George C.
    If the maps are being licensed from Tom Tom, then surely Tom Tom is at fault for their accuracy?
  • jah128
    There is a massive, massive difference between being a mapping app and being the default mapping API system. Anyone who has written apps that rely on the mapping API are up shit creek; that won't be fixed by a Google mapping app.
  • chester
    Nokia have the best maps after the huge purchase. They shave more of the world mapped than google.
  • Spencer
    Kevin... were it not for vice fact that it still works then this would be a worthwhile news story. it's the fact the BW have tried to make a story out of this.... 'apple users still have access to Google maps'
  • Alexis
  • Raggedy
    Hot damn! I'm getting myself a Nokia if it can shave the world! I hate scraping sharpened pieces of metal across my skin!
  • Dick
    Even the wags at HUKD have made fun of this
  • Darren
    I would be surprised if Apple approve the google maps app before they fix this. apple going a little pear shaped!
  • I-rate
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I did not mind Apple as a company once, but their patent wars make me think, yes! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
  • Noghar
    Come on, I hate Apple as much as the next Android user, but I wouldn't use Google maps either if I was navigating from 10 miles out in orbit.

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