Anne Frank and the world's smallest cat erased from history



  • Mike H.
    How silly, we can all spot that The Davinci Code is not fiction! What pillocks.
  • The B.
    Does this mean that they're holocaust deniers and that Norris McWhirter/Roy Castle are still alive?
  • matt b.
    I believe Anne Frank's diaries *could* technically be classed as fiction. From what I recall she kept an actual diary and then redrafted with changed names/somewhat different details, effectively novellising her own journal. Doesn't make it any less of a historical piece, or any less important a record, of course.
  • matt b.
    No, looking into it, Anne DID redraft her diaries, but it was her father who changed the names for publication. I don't think a redrafting is anywhere near sufficient to compell a label of 'fiction', so even in the technical sense this is wrong. Shelfstackers, eh?
  • acecatcher3
    i wouldnt fancy playing anne frank in a game of hide and seek, would u?
  • Mike H.
    ace, Anne holds the world, remaining an eye watering time of 7 years 'unfound' in a game of hide 'n' seek, even then she still broke her hiding place to see where the fuck everyone was. However as we can see, Mr McWhirter and his book are ficticious.
  • Amanda H.
    Bin Laden should get that award.
  • sam m.
    shouldnt the guinness book of records be non-fiction as it is true etc?
  • Worlds z.
    Sam, that is the entire point of this post/picture. Worlds smallest cat (guinnes book of records) and Anne Frank (as in her diaries) are both non-fiction/trufax... I guess that means FAiL!
  • sam m.
    Oh i thort it was jus pointing out anne frank's diaries as being non fictional...silly me :P
  • Jewcat
    lol, we all have blonde moments. =)
  • Emma
    Anne Franks diary is true and she is not a lier. She was a wonderful and funny girl. Her father (Otto Frank) didn't change the names for publication she had just decided she would name them differently in her diary for fun. Most people on youtube say shes a fake which is not true. They are just being mean to such a nice kindhearted girl. I know that your getting bored because of such a long reply. Miep Gies will tell you so if you ever meet or come across an interview on the web with her she will mostlikely talk about Anne for she thought She was funny, careing and kind no one else in the annexe was like that. Thanks

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