Zune gloom: hundreds of players failing simultaneously

Maybe you're a fan of Zune MP3 players because you're a PC at heart, or maybe you just want to stick it to the evil Apple empire. Either way, we'd be interested to hear what's going on with your Zune player today, specifically if it's a 30 GB Zune.

Gizmodo is reporting that Zunes everywhere have failed near-simultaneously: the players are freezing, failing to reboot, non-responsive etc. There are literally hundreds of reports from owners in online forums. Such a synchronised failing would suggest a specific version of operating firmware contained undetected errors. Such problems aren't uncommon - a recent update crippled Sky+ boxes across the country.

No doubt Microsoft engineers are currently running around like headless chickens trying to come up with a solution; if you're currently experiencing similar problems, let us know. Then go buy an iPod, fool.



  • well w.
    Deathwatch Microsoft...u heard it here first.. Has anyone even got a zune in the uk
  • Lisa B.
    My Zune 30 froze on the boot logo also. No reset would work, so I opened it up and unplugged the battery. that worked, but I am not plugging it back in to my PC until a fix is available. I'm certain it is a date issue or bug in the firmware update. I don't see how MS can fix this without people opening up their Zunes or waiting 2 days for the batteries to drain. Poor design on their part not to put an externally available hard reset button on the device. Even porrer response by them, since nothing is posted on their web yet - hours after their blunder. Between this and the Vista problems I am having, I'm looking toward Linux and other devices for the future. MS has just lost another customer.
  • Lolcats
    To be honest the Zune and iPod are both unreliable - had 2 Zunes break on me since May so got a refund got an iPod on Xmas Eve and have already had to get it replaced - I wish there was more choice for the hard drive mp3 players in the UK apart from Apple or M$ ... the idea of buying a Zune to stick it to the evil corp that is apple is ridiculous though M$ is the same x100. At least iPods are UNIX based
  • casparwhite
    buy a creative they have much better sound quality and less problems failing that a sony or iriver apple are just overpriced shite and microsoft well xbox360 fucked up big time why even risk buying anything from microsoft
  • ODB
    iRiver FTW
  • John J.
    So Microsoft's definition of "fixed" is to hope that all the 30Gb Zune's die before the next leap year? If not fixable with a firmware update then it's a design or manufacturing defect and Microsoft should issue a recall for a hardware fix before the next leap year..
  • Mr D.
    I dont like mp3 players. But really if you have a M$ product, regardless of what it is, it always hangs and freezes, just avoid. Where I work we had xda pocket pc, everyday I had to fixing them, dumped and got blackb3rry now I am lucky if anyone has a issue every few months, it just works. Ipoop and other are just as bad, rule number one, if you cannot change the battery, its junk. It hate companies who try and fix you in so only they can service items... Happy new year... 2009!
  • Tim
    Well at least now I know i'm not alone. Mine stopped working as of yesterday. It just hangs right at the end of the first loading screen. Tried running the battery right down but on reboot it just does the same :-/
  • Barry
    Its incredible that people still buy Microsoft products, after the many many years of windows/office problems, you would think that you would run from anything with Microsoft written on it. They keep buying and they keep complaining - what did you expect a flawless Microsoft product? On a side note most products with 'sealed' batteries can be opened and the battery replaced - just because you don't get spoon fed with a battery compartment doesn't mean you can't engage your brain from time to time.
    barry open her up n thats your warranty gone mate which is the point avoid in the first place
  • Tin
    From the Zune FAQ - Wait until the battery is empty and the screen goes black. If the battery was fully charged, this might take a couple of hours. A couple of hours? For a fully charged MP3 player? No ta, MS.

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