Zoombits - playing fast and loose with customers' cash and goodwill?

Screen shot 2010-01-24 at 22.56.08 Time, as ever, for some consumer-based news. Just a quick heads-up courtesy of some HotUKDealketeers who are unhappy about the recent level of service, or rather non-service from online memory card and computer accessory ‘specialists’ Zoombits.

HUKD member subserviantdude has spoken out about them, saying:

"I appeared to have been scammed by zoombits.co.uk.

I placed an order about 4 weeks ago and after 2 weeks had no item. I emailed them and they said "oh yeah we don't have that in stock". I asked for a refund and they said they would refund me. I had an email saying it would be back with me within days to my Paypal account. It’s been over 9 days and still nothing. I emailed them again and they said that they sent my money back to me 8 days ago, into my Paypal. This is a lie as i have checked.

I have looked into my payment details in relation to the zoombits transaction and when you pay zoombits.co.uk the money seems to be redirected to a hotmail account. Which doesn't seem legit at all for a big company.

I have lodged a complaint with paypal and want my money back!"

Two other HotUKDealketeers quickly jumped on board with similar tales of woe including the very reliable ‘thesaint’, and the message seems to be, if you’re planning to order something from Zoombits in the near future, proceed with caution.

If any of you have any good or bad news to share about the company and their levels of customer service, spill it in the box below. We’re a community around here and we like to think we’ve all got each other’s phone numbers backs.

On a lighter note, here's the sweet soulful sound of Zoom by Fat Larry's Band, who are in no way affiliated with zoombits.co.uk...


  • Joff
    I've ordered from them a couple of times and had good service, even when returning a laptop case because it was sent too late for what I needed it for.
  • andy
    i ordered an external hdd from them a few weeks ago - delivery did take a week-ish longer than promised because of stock problems but they kept in pretty solid contact throughout and it arrived when promised second time round!
  • leecroot
    The problems that customers are having may have something to do with the relocating off the distribution wharehouse! Ive ordered several times over the last few months and have had no problems.
  • Wolfy
    I ordered a Portable Hard disk and it took them nearly four weeks to deliver. It seems that they operate out of germany but thats just my guess from thier correspondence and thier customer service a fluffy email and non-existent webchat which s useless. I did get my product but I will be careful before ordered another time with them
  • Andrew R.
    These are the same as memorybits - have to say I've had no issues with them, have ordered loads of memory cards (nothing big) and have come fairly swiftly!
  • KevinM
    I ordered from them on the 25th November , the item was never sent. I spoke to them on the phone (December 10th) and was promised a refund.. Just checking my CC statements it is clear they have not bothered to refund me. Now I'll go to my CC company and dispute the payment.
  • KevinM
    Here's an update, I just logged into my Zoombit's account and discovered instead of giving me a refund they wanted me to choose between many other options rg.. "Please can you confirm that a refund is your preferred option as we have the following alternatives? • Alternative Product similarly priced + 15% Discount Code for next purchase • Replacement of original Item + 20% Discount Code for next purchase • Credit Note + 10% EXTRA instead of a cash refund If you choose Credit Note + 10% EXTRA this means that if your refund value is £20 we will give you £22 back (10% EXTRA) in the form of a CREDIT NOTE and can be used on your next purchase. Please note a credit note cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount promotion. Please advise of your preferred option by email to: " So to get a refund yuo have to ask for a refund then... ask for it again (so it appears).
  • adr0ck
    So to get a refund you have to ask for a refund then… ask for it again (so it appears) bloody hell that is good customer service! with Dell you have to ask, ask, ask and ask again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again........and so on for what seems like forever more and don't forget each time you call you have to wait at least 10 mins to speak to someone who then passes you over to someone else (who you then wait 10 mins to speak to) and this goes on and on and on for what seems like forever more
  • RObF
    I placed an order for a USB HDD, and was expecting dispatch the next day as promised. A week later nothing. I contacted them by e-mail and nothing, so I used the LiveChat. I was told it would be dispatched separately and that was it. Only when I insisted on knowing when did "Richard" check. Twenty plus minutes later, I was told they'd stopped selling them, and could I tell them where I saw it. So I pasted a link to their site. There response was it was an old page, and they don't sell them now, and the problem is people are going to their website from other websites - HELLO, this is Google, welcome to the 1990s - and I explained that was quite normal, asking if anyone checked these,or would they just have held onto my money if I hadn't chased it? YES, we probably would, I was told. So let's hope I now get the promised refund!!! AVOID these people. Or suffer, your choice :-)
  • KC
    I placed an order over a month ago. All items were apparently in stock. A couple of days later I received a dispatch date (2 packets). I noted they'd changed a battery on the order to a completely different one (i.e. one that wouldn't fit). I emailed them immediately. One month later I still await a response. I received 1 packet which contained 1 item - a totally different item. I emailed them immediately & 1 week later got a response that I could return it. 2 weeks after the supposed dispatch date I received a new dispatch date for the 2nd packet, which I duly received, complete with the incorrect battery. I returned both incorrect items & haven't heard a thing from them since. I also have an item that has never been dispatched. They do not respond to emails. Of course I have received no refunds or replacements, but I was charged immediately for the items.
  • Mike D.
    I am waiting for some memory cards which were ordered 12 days ago. They say on the live chat they were dispatched on 10th March. There "where'smy order" function states it's still processing through there system and should be dispatched within 24 hours. This has been the situation since 10/3/10. USE WITH CAUTION OR BETTER STILL GO ELSE WHERE.
  • Neville R.
    Order 2 universal car phone chargers - had email saying had been posted 18th May, so placed another order for 2 cheap SD cards and USB adapter. The chargers have never arrived and the USB adapter was very poor quality and wouldn't fit any USB port. Trying to contact them is a joke - Instant Chat doesn't respond - their email message service doesn't accept anything. Will not use again - Amazon much better service in my view.
  • Zoombits B.
    [...] so long ago, we highlighted the ‘unusual’ practices of Zoombits, an online purveyor of memory card and computer accessories. It seemed that they [...]
  • Darren
    I've used this company (and it's other brands - zoombits, memorybits, r4cards) for the last year and placed LOTS of orders. I've always got my shipment, and in good time too. The only delay I ever had was having to call them for security checks because I was placing several orders a day. I hope they are trading, and can continue to do so, because they've been good to me but their website is having massive problems. It cannot take you through to the checkout page. I've rung the security check number and it's constantly engaged, and left a message on their main number so I'll let you all know if I get a reply - or my goods!
  • Darren
    I received an email telling me that my order has been dispatched in 3 packages. The first part arrived today. And I emailed them and the email address worked too! I'll let you know if I get the whole order
  • James
    1st of October the memorybits site (sister site and same as zoombits) was running extremely slow and halfway through a card transaction it crashed and I was unaware it had taken money as there was no email to confirm this, so eventually after 2 or 3 attempts I managed to secure an order with email confirmations but looking at my online bank account a few days later I noticed they had also taken money for goods I have not received, and three polite emails over two weeks asking them for reimbursement I still have not had a reply...I call that on line theft!
  • Darren
    They've gone bust! Been taken over, and you should get an email like I did telling you that the new owners will fulfil your order
  • Stephen M.
    Thanks-a-mundo for the article. Amazing.

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