Zavvi to be resurrected by The Hut - a nation bawls with relief

Zavvi is back, back, back! The entertainment retail chain that hadn’t really been around long enough for anybody to form much of an emotional attachment to is to be resurrected by online entertainment retailer The Hut. EDIT: But only in its online incarnation.

Early signs suggest that the all-new Zavvi will be selling more or less the same stuff that it did before, with the additional lines of perfume and lingerie. It’s a beautiful end to a sad story that threatened to see the end of the brand name that had come to stand for so much over the past… pff, 17 months or something.

Lest we forget, branches of Zavvi used to be Virgin Megastores, the company who also owned that other great entertainment retail name in the sky, Our Price, who collapsed five years ago. Ever wondered what happened to THAT name?

Wonder no more…  it’s still around but it’s not what it was.


  • The B.
    'Old on now, wasn't Our Price bought out by WH Smiths? At which point all credibility went out of the window which is (I assume) why they failed, that and the snot nosed staff.
  • Andy D.
    Our Price were owned by WH Smith, who then bought a share in the Virgin music shops. Virgin later bought back themselves and acquired OP as well, which was when it started to go tits up. Some Our Price stores were renamed V Shops and started flogging Virgin mobile phones as well as the usual stuff. They also thinned out the stock as they tried to pioneer an instore CD-ordering system for home delivery which was crap. Then it was pretty much all over. I worked for them from 91-96. I drank quite heavily in those days.
  • jaysexy212005
    Interesting, should be interesting to see if Zavvi survives online.
  • hmm
    Err.. the article you link to says they only bought the Online portion of Zavvi. This story is highly misleading.
  • -=Mike H.
    Yes Andrew, I am very annoyed that you misled us, as I assume you have benefitted in some way from misleading us, be it financial or personal, how dare you?
  • Andy D.
    Apologies. Of course I didn't make it clear that it is just the online incarnation of Zavvi that has been resurrected. Shockingly bad journalism. I am humbled and chastened. What a clown.
  • Simon W.
    Here is the simple problem with Zavvi /Virgins Stores. The problem with them isnt the name, its simply management dont understand the simple rules, of giving the customers. Well priced goods, Zavvi (Head) in leeds were selling Motorstorm 2 for 39 with 25% discount. But on the internet prices range from 24.99-19.99. The excuse is stores need to pay for electricity , staff , etc , which is rubbish. The hut or head will go the same way as Zavvi. And its there own fault !!!! So give them 9 months before they go down !!!
  • Martin
    I'm not that bothered. Zavvi never had that good a name in the first place, for me it mainly stood for overpriced CDs and DVDs. Even with their 10% welcome back offer, they are still more expensive than other retailers. Of course, since now they are merely one of many fronts for The Hut group, they will survive, since all orders are passed on to The Hut group and the website costs for the extra brand will not be that high, and there are no high street stores. You just pay more if you go through Zavvi than you do if you go through The Hut. Some people won't know this and think of Zavvi as a brand to trust compared to the "unknown" The Hut, and go with them. In fact, it is amazing how different website fronts for The Hut group charge quite different prices for the same item, only for it to be handled by the same distributor in the end.
  • Chris
    TheHut sucks, and after the farse I had with my first order with them, I won't be ordering from them again... Unless it's ridiculously cheap and risk it.

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