Zavvi Sheffield still railing from beyond the retail grave

They may be dead and buried but the war between Zavvi (and Virgin before them) and HMV will never die. This pic has appeared on Twitter and was upped by Coupey. It’s from the window of the closed Zavvi store in Sheffield.

Speaking personally as someone who toiled at the music retail coalface for HMV rivals Our Price for five years, I fully endorse the message and its sentiment.


  • Steve O.
    Which branch of Our Price were you at, Andy?
  • charz
    whats wrong with HMV?
  • Andy D.
    @Steve O - Gateshead then Washington 91-96. Looking back, December apart, it wasn't really a job, more of a social club with a few light chores involved. Shit pay though.
  • Martin
    What's wrong with HMV?
  • Matt
    Zavvi in the Manchester Arndale centre is still trading... 25% off all marked prices yet still more expensive than buying on the net. lol. And they wonder why the highstreet is dying...
  • Amanda H.
    Zavvi are HMV Positive.
  • cheapskate
    @Amanda Hugginkiss - clearly they are HMV negative!

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