"Zara tshirt large men worn once"..to a mass homicide!?

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 23.33.11

Collect in person? Nah, you are alright, thanks.

Thanks for the tip, Natalie.


  • chewbaccca
    It was obviously used for some bump 'n' grind with a bird on the blob, no need to make a bloody mountain from a molehill.
  • Shaun S.
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  • Bawbagger
    Give Shaun a contract immediately BW team! I realise that his grammatical skills are at a much higher level than the existing writers but at least having a new hotshot on the team may inspire some to improve their output! However, you may have to have a word with him about 100% relevance as that's not an essential criteria for this particular post.
  • mm71
    I am dead gud at righting two. can u plz giv me a job
  • Clunge
    Thanks for that Shaun...I'm so glad you clarified the meaning of the word blogger - I've always thought it meant something entirely different to 'writer'.
  • Grammar N.
    That's not blood, it's obviously part of the design. BW just isn't cool enough to realise this.
  • chewbaccca
    @Bog T My mother does indeed make a mess, considering she's dead and all. Decomposing flesh tends to do that. Still, good way to tell everyone that you're a necrophiliac. You fucking moron.

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