Yum nom nom... pre-chewed pencils to help children concentrate at school


A British design company called 'Concentrate' launched a rather interesting on Friday - yes ladies and gentlemen, it's the 'pre-chewed pencil'. 

It may sound like a story you'd read in 'The Onion', but this, my friends, is no joke.  According to Concentrate, the concept of the pencils is to help kids concentrate at school by looking pre-chewed, thus making it less likely for pupils to put them in their mouths and instead focus on thinking.  Company director Mark Champkins said:

"We know it's daft but just get down to some concentrated thinking and who knows what might happen."

Daft it is, Mr. Champkins, but do the company directors spend their board meetings chewing on pencils themselves?  And considering that the existing pencils made of wood and lead don't exactly taste pleasant but have not exactly stopped us from chewing on them, how effective is this going to be?  Especially given the fact that  the pencils have the words 'pre-chewed pencil' written across them, doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose?

[via Ananova]


  • Rubisco
    In what way does chewing on a pencil reduce concentration?
  • Paul N.
    Agreed! Chewing focuses attention and increases concentration :)
  • andy y.
    These guys are on the fast track to receivership
  • fail
    keep up the good work
  • Matt S.
    Yeah I thought the idea was that people chewed on their pencil while concentrating, that it stopped you fidgeting or otherwise being distracted. This just seems dumb, and nothing more than a poorly conceived marketing ploy.
  • Andy L.
    What next, pre shat toilet paper to prevent employees taking breaks?
  • Jez J.
    I'm glad I don't work there. Chewing pencils all day long ;-)
  • Mike H.
    Brill, while WOOLIES goes down the pan, and we struggle to make ends meet, a design company brings out a stupid idea to get us to spend money we don't have, yes, what a great idea. Wonder If I could sell my pre-chewed biros on ebay...
  • JohnCrapp
    I heard this company is already working on pre-used toilet paper . Great!!!
  • Martin
    At least the poorly paid third world kids that pre-chew these pencils will be getting some fibre. Maybe to solve the binge drinking problem here, they could produce glasses with a little bit of chuck on the side.
  • NDH
    Let's give un-chewed pencils to hoodies and they won't be able to concentrate on breaching asbos as they won't be able to function until the ends are chewed.
  • Tim
    I personally think pens are better to chew.. only problem is that if it leaks while you chew it, you er.... ewch INK! Happened to me in September/October in the middle of Maths once.... Pencils just taste vile in my opinio which is why I don't chew them....
    well thats stupid.. plus for kinsthetic thinkers (which a lot of people are) it helps chewing on something or like.. figeting so getting rid of the pencil chewing makes gum an alternative... do you seriously want gum under the desks?

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