You're a bad man, Santa Claus...

As spotted (and possibly created) in Tesco by avid Twitter user @kat1eturner...


  • Mike M.
    Isn't it a polar bear that stands on top of Fox's Glacier Mints ?
  • Burt r.
    @Isn’t it a polar bear that stands on top of Fox’s Glacier Mints ? No it's a twat!
  • Mustapha S.
    Could be Rolf Harris. Oh shit.. where's my lawyer?
  • Paul C.
    Good to see that the photo I took last year has gone viral. hm.
  • Tom
    Milky bear, bit racist
  • Joe S.
    @burt Since 1922 the mints have been sold with the Peppy the polar bear icon...YOU FUCKING MORON!
  • Burt r.
    @joe swag Good to see humour is lost on you, and thanks for the confectionary based fact! will put it in my boiled sweet trivia journal.......YOU FECKING SHIT CLINKER!
  • Burt r.
    @ joe swag Is he really named Peppy or have you just named him that to feel less guilty when wiping the jizz off your fungal bishops hat in the curtain after a hard wank over his image?
  • w0nKeY H.
    Where can I find this mink ?
  • Burt r.
    @w0nKeY HeNrY Around the back,near the bins

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