Your Michael Jackson commemorative plate is finally here

It's been a long, heart-breaking wait. Frankly we're amazed we got through the past month without drowning in our own tears. There's been such a lonely, bottomless void in our lives that could only be filled by 21cm of porcelain and a band of 22ct gold:

Yes, stop crying your heart out people, it's finally here. The Michael Jackson commemorative plate is available to order, to place on your fireplace and stare longingly into when your heart feels sad. Danbury Mint's artists have worked night and day to painstakingly recreate your favourite photographs of the icon. On a plate:

"To honour a true star, our artists have created I Want You Back, an inspiring montage that captures the essence of this great performer. Crafted of fine porcelain and using rich, ceramic colours, the memories are sure to come flooding back."

Oh, you've started us off again. If we had £29.95 (plus £2.95 postage and handling) lying around the office, we'd snap one up today. Screw that, we'd sell the office so we can buy plates for those less fortunate than ourselves. Gaze upon the gold-banded marvel and know that you are not alone.


  • Andrew R.
    Is he doing a massive burp in the large middle pic? Highly unprofessional onstage.
  • Dave S.
    What you don't realise, Andrew, is that he's actually farting in each and every picture.
  • matthew
    RIP you wrong un
  • Shawn P.
    This would be ideal for having my fish and chips off of on a friday night.
  • Nobby
    Does the black band round the edge turn whiter the longer you keep it?
  • bernard b.
    "Does the black band round the edge turn whiter the longer you keep it?" No, but you gave me an idea for a heat sensitive mug that changes his face from black to white when a hot beverage is poured in. Nice.
  • Dave S.
    I have read that if used in the microwave, they melt and mishape and need to be repaired with plastic, the colour also fades over time. The quality also gets worse then suffers complete failure a week before it is due to be used for a special occasion.
  • James
    You could put some gravy on the plate and remember him the way he used to be xD
  • Amanda H.
    Thanks, but I was after 3 Jacksons and a Moon.
  • Dave S.
    Amanda, you want the moon on a stick!
  • Darren
    in true HUKD style I've ordered 200 of them!
  • Rob L.
    Will look nice next to my Diana memorial mug.
  • mary
    i wish michael jackson i love him so much and you konw the song is evertime we touch to mj and the angel aiwsh i were you

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