Time to Sell Your James Bond Memorabilia

Hold onto your Bond toys, boys.  007 is back later this month in his new Bond film, Quantum of Solace, and interest in the movie is increasing the demand of Bond memorabilia.

While "Quantum of Solace" does sound more like a Harry Potter movie (you can blame Daniel Craig for that), it's pushing up prices of everything related to 007.

We may not possess the 1965 Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger that recently fetched £1.1m at auction, but according to The Telegraph, even first editions of Ian Fleming's early novels are fetching £25,000 each at auction. The £99.99 you spent on those James Bond DVDs recently may not be a bad idea after all:

"From original costumes to posters, books and even Dinky cars, virtually anything related to the 007 franchise has seen its value rise over the years."

If you fail to nick one of Fleming's masterpieces successfully out of your local library, it might still be worthwhile keeping an eye out for the next eBay free listing day.  Word on the street is that even the value of Bond collectables, from posters to books and toys, will be seeing increase in value.

Unless Daniel Craig mucks up again.


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