Your instore etiquette guide: Breastfeeding in charity shops

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[Daily Mail]


  • Ronnie
    bet the manager feels a right tit now.
  • kyle
    Stop milking it Anisa
  • Tim
    *his* charity shop? Which implies a male manager peering through the curtains at a woman in a changing room? Personally, I'd have gotten the police involved.
  • Tom
    Hippies do stink tho.
  • selena
    if he thinks breastmilk smells (which is doesn't) he should try sniffing formula, yuk!!
  • Jassen
    I agree with Tim on 'peering through the curtains'. Seriously, stinky breast milk? Can't be as bad as a baby that shits its nappy or something...
  • Gunn
    Guess he doesn't like warm milk.
  • stuffor
    Isnt this a case of tit for tat.???
  • Nobby
    So Mind are against breastfeeding and they employ peeping toms. That advertising will do them good.
  • diGriz
    I find it hard to believe that breast milk smells worse than a charity shop. Why was this perv looking in the changing rooms though? Call the charity and get an answer BW, we have a right to know. And getting someone into trouble for perving is always fun.
  • Loops
    I BF all my kids and feel it should be accepted...but some people seem to feel they have to shove it everywhere and its doing worse for the cause. Anyone with babies plans, id rather be in a nice room specially allocated than a bus/charity shop etc etc. It annoys me it just makes all BF mother look like bloody winging hippies
  • diGriz
    I wonder what sort of world we live in where women getting their breasts out is a bad thing.
  • G G.
    Where is this charity shop???
  • Catt
    I assume she went into a changing room without looking at any of the items or taking anything in with her. Changing rooms are not for changing nappies or breastfeeding are they
  • diGriz
    @Catt The article said that the child began to cry in the changing room which suggests she was already in there. One would assume because she was changing clothes. Good news though, she can sue the company despite their rules as the guy sprayed air freshner. Most companies have strict rules not to use these products on the shop floor because they can be sued for it.
  • Song B.
    "Other mothers responded online by calling for a boycott or asking how the manager would feel about ‘20 breast-feeding mums whipping them out in his shop’" Awesome...
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Quote @ song: or asking how the manager would feel about ‘20 breast-feeding mums whipping them out in his shop’ ----------- Someone send me a text when/where it happens plx. ta.
  • Rob
    I'm with the manager on this one. You wouldn't eat in a shop so why would you feel the need to breastfeed. Go and sit in the car to do it or something.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Anyway, Basically, its their shop, they can do whatever the f**k they want. Don't like it? Don't go there. She sounds like a right chav anyway and was probably only there as Primark is too expensive.
  • -]
    You wouldn't eat in a shop, but a baby can't choose when it gets hungry. Why should women have to go and "sit in the car" to avoid offending the sensibilities of some twat? Sounds chavvy? How many chavs have you ever met that breastfeed? Breastfeeding = middle class, formula feeding = chavvy. Fuckwit.

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