Your favourite fruity squeeze for stress relief

Bitterwallet reader Natalie Martin is a little confused by the item she spotted at Liverpool's Albert Dock. Is it the type of stress reliever you squeeze in fury as an alternative to strangling a puppy, or...:

Bitterwallet - Scouse for stress relief


  • Graham S.
    I'm thinking the "or" part.....reading the tag at the will never have more fun getting rid of (I presume stress). Definitely "or"!
  • The B.
    Not bothered, you can stick it up your arse for all I care.
  • NobbyB
    I'd be well stressed if I tried to eat something that was so chewy.
  • GreyScale
    It's a stress reliever shaped like a banana, wheres the joke?
  • Brian
    Hi Brian here. My mother has one of these phallus shaped fruits in here side draw.
    use it to beat the shite out the cashire and get your money back
  • Florence S.
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