Your answerphone message worries are over!

answerphone Do you suffer from a boring answerphone greeting message? Worse still, do you just have the generic one that came with your phone, and have never got round to changing it to something more personalised and witty?

Your worries are over – everything you need is here. Some clever, lucky American dude found an old Radio Shack tape of pre-recorded greeting messages at his local library, and after handing over his ten cents, has shared them with the world. They’re stupendously great.

Our favourite is ‘21st Century Funk’ but the whole tape is here for your delectation. Some better quality recordings of some of the various clips can be found here.


  • mikebike
  • Nobby
    There is some excellent wanking material on there. Much better than watching porn on the internet.
  • Touchwood
    Shite quality!
  • Mike U.
    Love tha Jamaican man!!!
  • Jack
    ROFL! Sounds a bit like kermit
  • Jack
    I've put the Elvis sounding / 50s one as my mobile ringtone haha. Quality isn't that great, but you can make it out
  • Ten B.
    [...] compendium of groovy answer machine messages for [...]

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