Young Persons Railcard know hindsight is a wonderful thing

Disturbing rather than funny, it's unfair to point a finger at the advertising types who came up with this campaign for Young Persons Railcard in 1988 - no doubt they still remember it from time to time and wince at how it couldn't have been a more gruesome marriage of celebrity and message. 20 years later it's still bloody terrifying, and yet another reason why paying over the odds for product endorsements is generally a bad idea.

Bitterwallet reader Ian via [n3ta]


  • zeddy
    "Wanna be in my gang? Ooooooh! Yehhhhhhh!"
  • Craig
    the question is, what was the idea behind it in the first place? Even before he was revealed as a kiddy fiddler, I wouldn't have wanted him anywhere near me with that large tub of cream and that crazed look in his eye!
  • Song B.
    I think the line at the top of the poster should be "dya want this up your bum, your bum your bum, your bum..."
  • Song B.
    Having read that back, one too many 'your bums' there I think
  • Tom P.
    Was Gadd a bummer then?
  • Tom P.
    Actually, i think he's going to fist the guy who snitched on him at PCWorld.....see, PCWorld isn't all bad
  • The B.
    Disturbing rather than funny??? I think not, I chuckled remembering it.
  • Adamski
    is it 1988 again? thats the last time I heard being gay described as being a bummer. offfensive, dull, dated = Tom Pickering
  • Martin
    Yeah, bumder is the word now.
  • Lightning
    Yep no wonder he's desperate to retain his young persons railcard! Quite amusing imo.
  • Tom P.
    @Adamski , are you free for a bummer tonight? I've got the lube & the love pole ready.
  • James
  • mike
    except celebrity endorsement *does* work. People may claim it doesn't, but you've only got to look at successful celebrity campaigns - Michael Jackson for Pepsi, Jamie Oliver for Sainsburys, etc., to see that it does.
  • jah
    Lol @ Adamski complaining about Tom being from 1988. How's Seal doing these days anyway?
  • Mike U.
    jah I think he taking Heidi Klum from behind Another bum bum!!
  • Me
    The things people do to keep hold of a young person...?!?
  • paddy
    i wish he was my dad

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