You'll survive the recession, can you survive a nuclear bomb?

With the new Christchild Obama watching over us all, the possibility of the planet being engulfed in a global holocaust seems reassuringly distant. But you never know, do you? Rewind to 6th August 1945, and the housewives of Hiroshima probably thought it looked a nice day to get the washing out.

We know what you're thinking. "Where can I possibly buy a bomb shelter capable of surviving a nuclear blast from, you know, just in case?" Well good news, because Radius Engineering International have just the thing you're looking for! No friends and likely to die alone? You need the SP6 for just $61,000! Got a call into Norris McWhirter* to break the record for most people in a nuclear bunker? You'd better order the Earthcom 70-128 with eight individual homes inside, a snip at $3.3 million!

Yes, it's only the poor who'll suffer horrific radiation burns and have their internal organs liquefied, assuming they're not atomised seconds after detonation. Unless you own a large fridge, of course**.

* you may be need that special one-way telephone for the call

** thank you, George Lucas for wrecking yet another timeless movie franchise, you flannel-shirted, bearded twat of a man


  • Pele
    Does it come with an en-suite?
  • Paul S.
    It does; have a look at the link for the Earthcom 70-128; you get your own apartment, dammit!
  • The B.
    ** Hear, hear, watch the South Park episode The China Probrem.
  • callum
    I see you can "run the generators at 50% for about 42 days" - then what? You either die in the shelter, or go and find some diesel (not particulary easy in nuclear fallout I would imagine) and be exposed to the radiation you were trying to avoid...
  • callum
    On the plus side, "There is enough extra room to deal with uninvited friends and relatives during a disaster."
  • Badmanz
    So they build it underground for you? I would like but these damned content filters are too strict.
  • Amanda H.
    Is this the same company who built the Teletubby dome?
  • bob
    Can you take it on holiday with you, L.M.A.O.
  • Kevin
    Planning permission would be a pain to get!
  • Blanco
    Will this fit in my pants?

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