You want knitted meat

You know what you need for your tea tonight (or dinner if you're a bit posh)? You need some wool in your stomach. That's right... some succulent, tasty wool. And so, that means you should buy some knitted meat. You can buy sausages, rotisserie chicken, ham... and they all come in supermarket shrink wrap. LIP-SMACKING!


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  • PaulH
    I hate people who say 'Dinner'...IT'S TEA!
  • PokeHerPete
    What did Medieval people do before telly?
  • The B.
    Tea's a plant, where's me dinner?
  • PaulH
    You sonna beetch!
  • Richard p.
    Then wh the F^ck is the room the dining tables is - isnt called a tea- ing room Im off for a spot of afternoon tea.

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