You know you’ve got too much money when...

27022’re purchasing from the Pets At Home range of football shirts for your dog. Fair play to them for encouraging Brits to take leave of their senses and spend their way out of the ‘current economic climate’

So come on, who’s your favourite dog-based footballer? It’s getting late in the day and we could only think of Scotland’s 1982 keeper Alan Rough (Ruff) or at a push, Lionel ‘Dog Mess’-i.

Surely you can do better than that? THERE ARE NO PRIZES!


  • Len D.
    Kenny Dog-Leash?
  • SuffolkNGood
    John Warkies ...
  • dan h.
    brian c-woof
  • PaulH
    Arsene 'Wanker' Wenger
  • bassman_uk
    Steve Bull-dog
  • zeddy
    Doggo Maradona King Charles N'Zogbia
  • shocked
    WTF!?!?! Is dis real??!
  • Phil
    Dave Bassett
  • akiss
    John Terrier
  • PaulH
    Hot dog we have a wiener!
  • dean
    wayne rooney, oh wait.
  • WantonD
    Didier Dogba
  • West T.
    Saint Bernard and Greavsie.
  • Asley C.
    Ashley Collie
  • Oliv3r
    I work for pets at home and sadly we don't stock these in store. You would be shocked at some of the stuff we stock for pets if you think these are bad lol
  • PokeHerPete
    "Arsene ‘Wanker’ Wenger" gets my vote
  • Morocco
    David Terrier, real name. Turned out for French side FC Metz in the 90's and spent a short spell on loan at Newcastle Utd, making 0 appearances
  • Morocco
    Stan Collie-more. Also a fan of "dogging", allegedly.
  • One F.
    Kerry Katona Dixon
  • G2
    Spaniel Agger?
  • PaulH
    Come on Bitterwallet I think a prize should be given! Looks as though people are actually trying!
  • Stewie G.
    Katie Price. Oh footballing dog!... Robbie 'Fowl'er
  • Bilko
    Diego Madadogga
  • Bilko
    Dwight Yorkie, Terrier Henry, Peter Beardedcollie (Newcastle), Spaniel Eto, Emile Huskey, Zico the Wonder Dog, Bark Aloner, Manchester Terrier, Liverpool FC...You'll never bark alone Terry Butcher's Dog, Des Walker da Dog Terrier McDermott, Clawed Makélélé, Christophe Dogarry, St Bernard Bosquier Spaniel Alves & Spaniel Eboué, Bark van Bommel

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