You know you like our favicon

A quick thanks to Bitterwallet reader Andrew who was so pissed off with our lack of a favicon that he made one and sent it to us. So for anyone who appreciates a nice and tidy bookmark list you can say thanks to Andrew :)


  • -=Mike H.
    Thanks Andy, I can now die happy in the knowledge, BW has a favicon (Whatever the FUC*K one of those is, is it the liddle icon of an upside-down trolley on the tabs? It is? Thats FUCK*ING ace.)
  • Joff
    Looks like an old cash register from the 60s.
  • Bigger D.
    I still can't see it.... GRRR!!! I am so angry, I'm pissin' blood!!
  • gidz
    i was beginning to wander when you were gonna make one. thanks andy!
  • Shexy S.
    that's pretty darn shexy if I dare say so myself
  • Deech
    I thought somthing had changed Cool ty

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