You can't give booze to a baby. Got that?

Mmmm, chocolate liqueurs eh? They’re sweets, but sweets with booze in them. Erm, not really suitable for the kids then are they?

So how best to advertise L’Univers de Chocolat (chocolates with whisky in them) then? How about getting a load of pictures of kids who look as though they’re a bit pissed? Works for us!


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  • Howard M.
    Y'can't give a baby booooze! What about Babycham? Oh he's right, boooze for a beybeh!
  • DrTrouserPlank
    The kid at the bottom looks like he's had a stroke.
  • Rhinestone
    Aha, I'd buy these chocolates purely because the adverts make me laugh.
  • The B.
    The kid at the bottom is Moff working hard on his next article.
  • rappy
  • Joanne
    They should have done one where the kid has passed out and someone has drawn all over his face, shaved half an eyebrow off and stuck his hand in a bowl of warm water to make him piss I'd be interested in those chocolate liquers.... ....the top one does look like my blind date from friday....
  • Nobby
    This isn't as funny as a drunk dog. Seriously. Fill a dog's bowl with beer, and you'll have a great afternoon watching it fall over and puke.
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  • L’Univers K.
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