You can't give a microwave booze, Sainsbury's

Bitterwallet - microwaved gin

Hats off to Sainsbury's in Solihull - they've saved us a great deal of trouble when we get round to microwaving our glass bottle full of gin.

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Nick


  • Tom P.
    Bawwaaa ha ha, Bawwaaa ha ha......hang on a minute, that label looks like a FIX. It's been peeled off something else and stuck on this bottle. FAIL
  • Peter T.
    I spot a flaw in the article. If you were going to microwave your gin, you would have to remove that label first. Therefore, Sainsbury's in Solihull has not "saved us a great deal of trouble". They've introduced another step to the process. I would advise microwaved gin fans to shop elsewhere in future.
  • SainsburysStaff
    The security tags are universal for all products rather than unique to each class, due to cost issues. Because of the magnetism of the tag (to react with the metal security gates), that is why the advice is given not to put the tag or any of the products in the microwave with the tag on, no matter what the product is. Hope this helps
  • Tom
    Lol SainsburysStaff, thanks for clearing that up we all thought that many people do put gin bottles in the microwave. And by the way it is not the magnetism that reacts but the metal in the antenna.
  • SainsburysStaff
    Ok sorry for trying to help
  • Mike T.
    When did Viz's Mr Logic start working at Sainsburys?
  • The B.
    Does anyone have a microwave tall enough to get that bottle of gin in?
  • Mark C.
    I reckon I could fit a bottle of gin in my microwave, but I guess I'd have to take the lid off because it's metal, and put it down sideways, which means I'd have to drink all the gin so it didn't go everywhere, and after that I suspect I probably wouldn't care all that much.
  • Elvis P.
    Surely all Gin fans know the best way to heat it up is throught the tried and tested boil in the bag system

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