You and yours - the return of the ASDA butler!

Brilliant. Bloody brilliant. Yesterday we told you about ASDA's big Halloween draw this year - a lifesize butler costing no less than £70 of your hard earned coin. Preposterous, we thought. Nobody in their right mind would bother their arse with this nonsense. In fact, so confident were we that no-one a) would pay for one of these, and b) admit to doing so, we foolishly offered a non-descript prize to readers who sent in a photo showing them posing with the inanimate beast. So what happens? Bitterwallet reader Ken at Kingswood College of Arts only goes and calls our bloody bluff:

Bitterwallet - reader Ken and the ASDA butler

Gah. That's me in the doghouse when the boss gets in. I'll have to make good on the prize because Ken looks like he could have me in a scrap. Like a fighting man's David Soul. And he's from Hull. Anymore, then? We offered five prizes. Christ knows what they'll be. If Greggs are doing a special on sausage rolls this lunchtime, your luck's in. Send them to [email protected]


  • Amanda H.
    Which ones the butler? #sorry
    Oh Jesus. Always good to know I'm not the weirdest / saddest / tubbiest bloke on bitterwallet.
  • Sara
    Paul, Ken is my Dad, He would have you in a scrap. He once met Lennox Lewis and Len taught my Dad how to fight dirty. I once saw my Dad kick a 14 year old boy in the unmentionables from behind, after chasing him down the road for spitting on our drive. Sara.
  • Amanda H.
    Did I mention I was sorry? sorry.
  • Sara
    No need to apologise Amanda, we often treat him as our own personal butler! I remember a few years back Mum had terrible wind, and sent Dad out at 3 in the morning for some Rennie. He came back after a couple of hours, tired and grumpy. He threw a packet of Lockets at Mum and collapsed in his chair - we only heard about it when I tried to wake him a while later to drop me off at the bus stop! Unfortunately Mum and Dad split up a couple of months later. Sometimes I wonder if that night contributed to the problems.
    I'm not sorry.
  • Dai G.
    It would be funny to stick that in your shower cubicle and have everybody over for a halloween party. Turn on the light in the bathroom and that thing is staring out of the shower cubicle at you ... would give a few people a fright thats for sure.
  • Dean
    I am Kens mate and he is bigger than me! iIWILL SUBMIT MY PIC NEXT , SO THATS 2 PRIZES BITTER WALLET!
  • Ryu
    I am Ken's mate also, count me in as a participant in the shenanigans. Ken, there isn't a serial number on the butler is there? They might realise we're using the same one for our pict...oh shi... Look into my eyes (o)(o) we aren't using the same butler, you did not read this message, do not return to this page. :)
  • Ken
    I'm the Ken in the photo. The butler was bought for me by my best mate Dean who also has one - get the pasties ready, Bitterwallet. As for the guy who says I look tubby - I had just had my tea and therefore was looking a little more portly than usual (plus I forgot to pull it in) but believe me, the rest is all muscle - especially from the neck up. Amanda Hugginkiss - I'll accept your unretracted apology!
  • Father S.
    [...] You and yours – the convey of the ASDA butler! | BitterWallet [...]
  • Harry
    does anyone know how to turn up the volume on this, because mine is very quiet!
  • Jane
    I would love one of those but sadly don't have £70 to spare
  • Andy
    I saw this and just had to have one so tonight i went to Asda and picked up my very own scary butler. This should keep the kids away on halloween :o) Oh and here is a pic and I hope the prize is a good one ;o)
  • Dean
    I was going to post a pic of my butler , but seeing has my mate Ken still hasnt got his PROMISED prize I wont bother!!

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