Yodel: Delays in deliveries essentially customers fault

yodel-UK-parcel The modern world has proven to have been a bit crap this Christmas, as Yodel have added their voice to the sound of hopeless delivery services by having to apologise for delays.

They claim it's due to a backlog of a spike in demand in online shopping last week.

It's not hard to really think "Oh, shall we get some extra staff in?" in these matters, and not be seen as cheap and unreliable. But hey.

Of course, it's not THEIR fault, as executive chairman Dick Stead said some delays are inevitable for reasons such as poor packaging and inaccessible properties.

“Unfortunately delays on some parcels are inevitable for a number of reasons, whatever the time of year, regardless of carrier or service they are sent on,” he said.

Deliveries will continue today and resume on 27 December, Mr Stead added, saying parcels are "flowing through our sorting offices and out for delivery".

Delays could be caused by a number of different reasons, he added, ranging from address queries to traffic accidents and dogs eating homework. People with deliveries pending are advised to track their parcels on the website myyodel.co.uk.

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