Yes, we've had the painters in - what do you think?

You've got eyes, man. What do you think? After two years we thought it was time to play with our proverbial tail, and give Bitterwallet some gentle tweaking. We've tidied up the look and feel of the site and added features in the right hand column, which we've conveniently located to the right, in a column.

It's the same bunch of arseholes and cynical reprobates at the helm of Bitterwallet, aside from Sam who's added a dash of intelligence to proceedings in recent weeks, and Len Dastard who we've commissioned to strangle a CEO with his bare hands before the year is out. So you can continue to expect the same award-winning mix of news, deals, consumer advice and petty whining - it'll just be a little easier on the eye.

Any knobs or knackers that don't work properly, let us know what browser you're viewing the site in and your operating system, and send it in an email to [email protected] Props!


  • Paul C.
    Does this mean Len's gone for good? If so - shame. He was pretty damn good even for a lucha libre.
  • Grant
    Very nice, It's clean and works well. Not sure how much i like the colour, sort of blue and green but that's just personal.
  • worrabitch
    Did steevie wonder choose the location of the comments link? Orse over tit it is, why the bruised ballbags would I want to know how many people posted a comment before I even read what they wrote??? Design that bit standing on your bonce did we?
  • Dick
    I like the way that if you read an article on the front page and want to comment, then you have to scroll back to the top of the article and click comment, rather than having the comment tab at the bottom. It's fucking ace.
  • kv
    If it aint broke
  • aran
    oh dear... this is bad. looks like a horrible template. messy. honestly won't be reading here much more if this is for real.
  • Len D.
    I am still around, Paul. They haven't managed to get rid of me quite yet.
  • bonnie
    not too sexy for mobile viewing, i'll be honest . . . Totally agree with the comments link too, bit backwards for my liking
  • Barry C.
    oh look.... is that lego land? | | | V
  • Mike
    Quite agree with most people. Colour scheme leaves something to be desired (bland). Glad you have started using categories to help locate articles though. Would be nicer if background was fixed and site scrolled. You could also do with limiting postings to say 100 words as the page can get terribly long. You just click on the link to get the rest of the story. Or only have 5 stories on the homepage at any one time. I have all the themes from Woothemes and Studiopress just drop me a mail and I'll gladly send the one you like.
  • Boris
    Too clean. Not foxy.
  • John I.
    Sorry chaps, but this is terrible. Not quite as terrible as the Gawker affair, but still bad enough to kill any interest I still had in visiting this site regularly. If this is for real, i'm off. If it ain't broke...
  • Arse a.
    I'll add my vote to the comment about the comment link, other than that I'll get used to it.After all I read the blog for the content, not because I like the theme.
  • Nick T.
    Hey guys, the 1990s called wondering where the roundup of Saturday newspaper freebies wuz?
  • Tom
    I'm no expert in web design, but I feel that when I am reading an article, it takes up quite a small proportion of the page. There's those pictures on the top of Len et al and the right hand column is almost as wide as the article bit. Also, I agree on the comments above re where the comments link is, I preferred it at the end of each article. No need for all of the facebook twitter etc links for each article either. I know why they are there, but they look awful. I do like the bit at the bottom though, it's got that dirty urban smoggy feel that suits you quite well.
  • VB1
    It's alright.
  • nicster08
    Posted by Nick T • April 30, 2011 at 2:29 pm "Hey guys, the 1990s called wondering where the roundup of Saturday newspaper freebies wuz?" None this week, full of royal wedding crap. & no freebies apart from flowers(+ postage) from Telegraph.
  • Sawyer
    To be fair, it's a cleaner-looking site now, more accessible and all that. And the side bar improvements are quite good. Just not sure that clean and accessible are adjectives that normally go with Bitterwallet. As Tom says, the dirty urban smog fits. I guess we'll get used to the rest, stupid comments link placement excepted.
  • Bon R.
  • Richard
    The trolley graphic at the base looks like a reindeer The site is a bit too corporate feeling for the type of articles that appear here.
  • markymark
    Ha ha! Yeah, a prancing reindeer! And what's a London skyline got to do with anything? Looks like a 10-for-a-quid mobile site template with some "there you go mate" clip art.
  • M4RKM
    apart from the fact that the Consumer and To-Do links at the top end up with 404 pages, it's ok. nowt special.. I do agree with the sentiment that the comments links should be at the bottom of each post, not the top, however, that is very easy to tweak in any wordpress template, and shouldn't take any more than 10 minutes to solve, once the bank holiday is over.
  • Delenn
    Hi all. Not a fan of the big pictures at the top, nor all the wasted real-estate on the right hand side. The comments button is just in a wierd place. Still, far from the worst re-design I have stumbled on today!
  • diGriz
    It looks great. Can I have my book on feral trolleys now please?
  • geoff J.
    Uter shit, i want the old 1 back
  • James
    awesome! love it!
  • Billy T.
    Need the back button,back. Ta
  • Darren
    As a web designer: I Really do not like the big squares at the top. take up way too much room. Once you get past the right hand side links, you have a lot of wasted spare on the right. "prancing reindeer" haha, yes someone is a noob at photoshop and shadows! The buildings (which are crap and un-needed and do not match the London skyline anymore looks like a 10 year old pic of it) do not have a shaddow, but the prancing reindeer trolly does. very bad design. Overall: I like the new design, BUT with these improvements: - Half the height of the big boxes at the top. - change the design at the bottom.
  • Ole
    Been on the website a few times since it was given a makeover and it is still very complicated. No clarity and ease of movement about the website... Plus having those massive boxes at the top is rank, especially that wrestler bloke giving me the evil eye!
  • Darren
    One thing to note. A lot of people more than likely read this from work, so as for the big pictures, especially of Len Dastard at the top of the screen does not look very good. and makes it harder for others like me to view this site at work, for it will be noticed a lot easier. Personally I have never been a fan of "Len Dastard" as its a bit old fashioned to use bully tactics and that's what having a wrestler fighting the man suggests. Its very cheapening. Sometimes I do think Bitterwallet needs to get with the times. Otherwise the content has improved a lot.
  • El L.
    I take it you can no longer subscribe to comments by RSS? Or am I being dumb??
  • Mark H.
    Is it just me or is the font harder to read?
  • Darren
    The Question is though, Will they listen to our comments? D
  • Darrenw
    YEUK, not nice at all, bring back the old please... bit to commercial looking
  • Ole
    And by commercial, he means shit.
  • thefunboi
    PUT THE COMMENTS SHORTCUT LINK BACK AT THE BOTTOM... Why after reading the whole article, do I need to scroll back up to click to read comments???

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