Yes, more entries in Bitterwallet's magazine cover compothon!

There are Amazon certificates up for grabs for the best design of our non-existent magazine cover. No, we're not really going to launch one, but we like the idea of promising to change the world through our unique brand of consumer-related advice. Nah, not really - we saw MSE do the same thing and felt left out.

The entries are coming in thick and fast but like Tony Hart's gallery, DON'T get mardy and refuse to eat your fish fingers if we don't feature yours.  Every entry we receive goes into our comp, and the best will get the vouchers. Today, we have two Nyan-cat flavoured covers, courtesy of readers Euan Strachan and Dan Collins:

Bitterwallet magazine - Euan Strachan

Bitterwallet magazine - Dan Collins

Think you can do better? You've got until 5pm tomorrow night to send your entries to [email protected] Go!


  • Georgie
    LOL the pop tart cat on the first cover is hilarious
  • The B.
    @Georgie - You mean Nyan Cat?
  • jen
    Just beautiful folks.
  • katsumitsu
    Love that picture
  • Dick
    Nyan cat was just a single story, and relatively recent. Where the fuck are the bacon related covers avid long term readers want?

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