Yelp roll two innocent messages into a God-holy offensive one

One of the problems with contextual advertising on the web is that there's little editorial control over the messages that appear. Information portal and review site Yelp doesn't have that particular excuse in this instance, since the sponsorship of the feature below appears to have been handled in-house:

Nope, you can only put this catastrophic clash down to a writer's fuckwittery at attempting to shoe a double entendre into the title or, at the very least, the folks selling the advertising not talking to those in editorial. Oh dear.



  • Noghar
    I am normally a fan of Bitterwallet and defend against whingers who think that it publishes worthless timewasting piffle. But honest to god, this non-story was barely worth printing the first time, never mind repeating.
  • Nobby
    Women against rape? Are women rapists a big problem in SF? They should try to convince men to be against rape, then less women would be raped. But then, aren't all men in SF gay anyway? So is this about gay rape?
  • Jerome
    Still, it's nice to know there's an organisation out there providing a counterbalance to all the pro-rape groups.

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