Yee-Hawww! We Smell A Gold Rush - And It's A Stinker!

Where there’s muck there’s brass. Or to be more precise, where there’s sewage there’s gold. That’s the news that’s emanating from International Crazy Central, better known as Japan.

The beautifully-monikered Nagano Prefecture Suwa Construction Office have revealed that approximately 1.9 kilograms (4.2 lbs) of gold can be found in every ton of molten fly ash that is generated when they incinerate sludge at their Suwa-based facility.

What’s more, this is apparently something they’ve known for a while but haven’t bothered to pursue as the effort involved outstripped the potential rewards (we’re not so cool and businesslike here at BW – we’d do the Riverdance in the nip for a speck of real gold, but only if it was in one of those little black velvet pouches.)

But now that the price of gold is rising, it’s suddenly become worth their while and the Nagano Prefecture Suwa Construction Office have got themselves a brand new shit-sifting department as they bid to bring in a few extra zillion yen.

Don’t try it at home kids – get yourselves down into the sewers with a carrier bag, a strong pair of tights and a clothes peg for your nose instead.

[Pink Tentacle]


  • well w.
    I always knew god had put the fly on the planet for some reason. I thought he'd put them there to piss of the Australian but that just seems was another good by product.
  • Juan K.
    I'm off to check that floater I left this AM for Gold!

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