Year Zero For The USA

We're all sporting these T-shirts today in Bitterwallet's secret underground bunker. Good luck young man, you're gonna need it.

[Boing Boing]


  • Joe B.
    I have no idea WTF this is on about!
  • x
    cool t-shirt i want one
  • Amanda H.
    Joe Put down your copy of take a break, with the 10 page spread of Jade Goody goes shopping in Asda. Heard Of Barack Obama? Did you know he is the next President of the USA? Have you also heard of Run DMC? Do you know what the capitol of America is? Put all that together and the answer is there.
  • Darren
    How Do I buy one of those!!!!!!!!! I already got my Barack action figure! check it out!:
  • Andy
    Get the T-Shirt from here:
  • Mike H.
    Amanda, what has B.A. Barackass, Running and New York got to do with this T-Shirt then? Your mum loves Mike Hock
  • Andy
    Mike, please tell me your joking about New York....!!
  • Amanda H.
    No Mr Hock, that was last week, YOUR mum likes Mike Rotch now.
  • Mike H.
    Mr Dawson, I am just joshing (Shit, is it Canberra?)
  • Sherice B.
    Obama is getting worn out. He needs a vacation :d
  • Johng42
    It is also possible that Zynga's chosen advertising network is to blame if we consider the case of the New York Times' website kefeeeekedce

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