XBox Finds UK's Hottest Halo Female Fan

Ok, I admit it. I was a Counterstrike fan. I can still recall vividly back in high school days, locking ourselves in our rooms on a LAN network, absolutely convinced that by capturing the flag, we would get the girl too.

That lesson took a good few years to learn... but fortunately for modern day red blooded males, times have changed pretty drastically.

And with a picture worth a thousand words, according to T3 Magazine, the following female is someone who could be playing Halo with you on the XBox right now:

Her name is Amanda Johnstone. She's 25, a model, and lives in London. She's also the 'recipient' of XBox's search for the UK's hottest female 'Halo fan', justifying every reason to keep playing Halo... (Having said that, Halo 3 is available at the special price of £12.99 for a limited time from Blockbuster online. Thanks, herby247).

However, a quick glance away from her very decent pair of pins, you may notice the number of Halo posters plastered in the room.

So either Ms. Johnstone is a true XBox fanatic, or more likely, just a model paid to do her job.

There are more photos of her on the T3 website. Go on, you know you want to have a peek. It's ok. We won't tell anyone.



  • Neverman68
    How big are her feet....massive by the look of it! Fnar Fnar
  • Paul N.
    It's got to be a pr stunt...
  • Joff
    No-one still plays Halo do they? I thought everyone hung up their Assault Rifles as soon as COD4 was released? Shame on you all.
  • Jack
    PRONG! But Halo sucks
  • joff's m.
    joff, your mother is hotter than her
  • cooki2222
    Pr for halo wars, that article is over a month old, the penny drops on bitterwallet yet again
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Why does her right foot blend into her right leg so much... thats abnormal....
  • The B.
    Yeah, like that's her Master chief helmet on the bed beside her. Saying that my missus is a big Star Wars freak.
  • acecatcher o.
    left foot size 13 right foot size 20 wtf?
  • Amanda H.
    My helmet is bigger than that.
  • Duke75
    Is she a model for Clown's Shoes?!
  • ryouga
    Shes pretty but nowhere near hot, shes just a generic thin busty pretty girl, and I know far prettier girls that play Halo at my uni through the LAN in halls so its not good.
  • Esther82
    This is why i don't buy T3 magazine, despite being a gadgetaholic (and a girl). The Xbox/gadget scene in most magazines is so testosterone-heavy it's untrue. I buy games(tm) mag, as it gives decent reviews and is quite grown-up about it. For gadget info I'll watch The Gadget show, at least that's funny, even if it has gone all "top gear" lately!
  • point d.
    the cameraman has used a fisheye lens commonly used in pr0n to make things appear bigger than they actually my father informs me. So put that helmet on love and call me Miranda!
  • mc
    is it me or has she massive feet
  • Ace H.
    you can see its a stupid pr stunt. look at the room, nothing womanlike at all....! at best its her bf's room.
  • incesticide
    I prefer to think of it as her brothers room.
  • jaysexy212005
    This is fake and just a stunt.
  • Amanda H.
    Its definitely her room. There's a 2ft long Dildo on the radiator, complete with scrotum. Odd, I didn't come across that in Halo.
  • ryan - love this shot of her, why is she about to pour her tea onto the work surface and not in the cup. Haha
  • Suggs
    what a load of tosh - so blatant a PR stunt - especially as she claims to be a 'model' And anyways if she was really playing the game the angle of the screen is all wrong - from where she is all she would see is a black screen.
  • DrDre
    large feet = wide angled lens perhaps? hung up assualt rifles for COD4? damn your as behind as BW...COD5 anyone? No? Oh Halo Wars is out...that be right!
  • youtoo
    Wii girl beats her hands contest
  • agaveworm
    LOL - I noticed the Ostrich feet too...
  • John
    point dextered - It's not a fisheye lens as there's no curved distortion, it's an ultrawide lens but it's clearly rectilinear which has extreme geometric distortion. It's a poor shot as anyone using this type of lens should know that near the edge of the frame will be horribly distorted which is why you generally avoid shooting portrait with it. It's a very poor PR stunt as it just screams 'fake', they could have made some effort to make it convincing rather than just dump a model in a room dressed up with Halo gear. John
  • Shexy S.
    I sheriously wouldnt hang my 40" off the edge of a crappy PC desk like that.
  • Shexy S.
    *TV that is
  • jebus
    When was capture the flag added to counter-strike?
  • j
    that'll be team fortress then
  • Presenting B.
    [...] Who says games consoles are just for overgrown boys? Nobody, unless they want a crack in the mouth with the wrong stick. This is 2009 bub and girls are just as likely to be fiddling with little joysticks and jabbing away at buttons as the guys are. Look here see. [...]

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