WPA TKIP cracked - Change to AES to remain secure

If you are running a wifi network using WPA security you may want to quickly make sure you are using AES instead of TKIP as the encryption method.

A graduate student from Germany, Eric Tews, recently demonstrated a vulnerability in the WPA security which enabled decrypting individual packets. The crack only works if TKIP is used as the encryption method and AES encryption remains secure.

To ensure your wifi network is using AES log in to your wifi router and check your settings. There should be a drop box or simple option in your configuration that enables switching between TKIP and AES.

If you are still using WEP as the wifi security method you should definitely change that as the standard has long been vulnerable to extremely quick and easy cracks.


  • Kommunist
    It is not as bad as it sounds and there is a very little reason to change to AES. http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/content/view/30631/97/
  • Paul N.
    Outside of being a proof of concept it's not a big risk but is there any reason to stay with TKIP?
  • Kommunist
    There are a lot of standalone devices that don't support TKIP, especially the ones that were orphaned by manufacturers. For computers it is totally different matter, of course.

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