Would you like a whole rat with your beans?

Untitled-1_445462t Everyone had their lunch? Right, well try not to refund it as we bring you the tale (or tail if you like) of the whole rat that was found dead in a catering-sized tin of beans earlier in the year in the UK.

A post mortem (no, really) reportedly showed that the beast had fallen into the tin at the factory and had become ‘entombed during tinning’. Mmmm, entombed bean rat...

Sadly, the identity of the offending baked bean manufacturer hasn’t been (bean?) revealed and the anonymous investigating local authority may take legal action against the company in the future.

The food scientist leading the inquiry said that the rat’s presence in the tin indicated “severe failings somewhere in the food production process.” Fucking hell mate – understatement of the year there.

This story presents us with the perfect opportunity to redirect you to our beloved ‘chicken in a can’ story. Two very different items – or are they...?



  • Jason
    Haha, the 'Chicken in a can' story was the very first story I read here at Bitterwallet. Vommed in my mouth a little at the picture of the rat in beans.
  • Nobby
    The cook obviously wasn't working in a chinese restaurant.
  • Mr G.
    Beanz meanz verminz
  • David d.
    Couldn't they relabel it as ratatouille ?
  • Mark P.
    That makes me physically feel sick. I won't eat beans for a long long time.
  • The B.
    I praying it wasn't Heinz as I shall be making my version of the breakfast sundae this weekend, and I won't be using HP as it's not British any more (but I shall be using a hash brown as a wafer).
  • crap
    what a cunt
  • WTF M.
  • LULZ
    Not eating HP because they aren't british, lol!
  • Rich
    Nothing is British anymore, not even the people.
  • Why t.
    British people haven't been British since http://tinyurl.com/34qxfyv < then.
  • Why t.
    The Scottish are the real British, the rest of us are imposters.
  • Why t.
    But it doesn't really matter, I prefer diversity. I just wish Britain was more diverse, not less so.
  • BW B.
    Now why wouldn't it post if I put all three lines in one post? Fucking pile of shit, BW, fix your site!
  • Ten B.
    [...] Would you like a whole rat with your beans? [...]
  • Paul C.
    I wouldn't eat the rat. He's probably French.
  • Man B.
    [...] in the month, we reported on the rat that had become entombed inside an industrial-sized tin of beans. Mmm, beany rat. Now, there’s a [...]

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